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Berner Retro

The Berner Retro has the look of yesteryear with the top quality and play of today!

List Price: $4299.99
Price: $3699.99
Berner Pro

With professional quality in every detail, the Berner Pro provides the perfect game for serious players!

List Price: $3799.99
Price: $3149.99

Berner Majestic

Fit for royalty, the Berner Majestic has been expertly designed and crafted for professional play and regal style!

List Price: $3499.99
Price: $2999.99
Berner Cosmopolitan

Berner's Cosmopolitan features a modern black and silver design with for a sleek look and a fast game! 

List Price: $2299.99
Price: $1899.99

Berner Premier

With premier quality and style, the Berner Premier Shuffleboard enhances every game and game room!

List Price: $2099.99
Price: $1799.99
Berner Prestige

The Berner Prestige displays sophistication in every detail, including solid wood legs!

List Price: $2099.99
Price: $1799.99

Berner Elegance

The design and detail of Berner's Elegance create a table to be the focal point of every refined game room!

List Price: $2099.99
Price: $1799.99
Berner Standard

Not only meeting the standard, the Berner Standard Shuffleboard exceeds the standard in quality!

List Price: $1299.99
Price: $1049.99

Sun-Glo Spangler Weight Set

The Sun-Glo Spangler Weight Set consists of eight weights that are 2 5/16" in size, four red and four blue.

Price: $199.99
Impact Weight Set

Impact's Weight Set will have you facing off in competition quickly; this regulation set comes with four red and four blue.

Price: $89.99

Sun-Glo Spangler Replacement Weight

Spangler Replacement Weights have the same original specifications as your set!

Price: $49.99
Sun-Glo Shuffleboard Sweep

The Sun-Glo Shuffleboard Sweep quickly removes dirt and used wax; a must-have item for all shuffleboard owners.

Price: $39.99

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